On the Customers tab, you can view a list of current customers and invite customers to your store manually or by CSV upload. 


On the Customers tab, you can:

Export Customers CSV - Export a CSV file with all customers.

Import Customers CSV - Import a CSV file to invite new customers. 

Invite customers - Invite new customers with name and email address. 

Search and Filter customers - Search customers by name, email, by date creation.

Customer Summary - By opening an individual customer the admin can access and edit basic information (name, email address, notes, password).

Customer Access - This allows the admin to view current, active products the customer has access to or assign a new product to the customer.

Customer Invoices - This allows the admin to see a list of invoices from a specific customer including details about how the money was processed and if there were any payment failures.

Refund Customer - Selecting an invoice from a customer, the admin can initiate a refund.

Customer Activity Log - See all the activity for a specific customer.

Customer Email History - All emails sent to a customer and the date the email was opened.

Impersonate Customer - The impersonate feature allows the admin to see the storefront from the perspective of a specific customer.

Delete Customer - Fully delete the customer.



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