On the Customization tab, you can edit & manage the storefront theme, design, navigation, add new pages and fully customize the look & feel of your storefront.




Customize - Open the theme editor to make basic changes to your Home page, Catalog Page, Content Page, and Log-in Page.

Backups - Create a theme backup prior to making changes so you can revert back to an old theme if needed.  We recommend creating backups regularly just in case!

Navigation - Control & modify your header and footer navigation here.

Pages - Add additional HTML pages to your storefront (Support, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service)

Advanced - Includes the Code Editor (You can modify the template using HTML. Templates are built with Liquid, which is a simple and powerful language), Code Snippets (You can add your own custom CSS code to change site appearance), and Assets (Upload images/other assets and link to them via HTML).


NOTE: If you're looking to further customize your look & feel and need a developer to help you, check out this post on hiring a developer.

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