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    Customization tab is how admin can edit & manage the storefront theme, design, home slider, navigation, add new pages and fully customize the look & feel of your storefront. 




    Inside Customization you can access the following: 

    • Themes - Select any of the popular themes and start building your storefront. All themes are mobile-friendly and work on all devices. 
    • Styles - With Styles you can customize Login & Checkout Common Colors, Player Styles and other pages styles depending on the selected Theme
    • Home Slider - This feature allows you to control the look & feel of your banners on your home page.
    • Navigation - Control & modify your top header navigation here.
    • Assets - Upload images or other asset types and link to them via the code editor in Styles & Colors.
    • Pages - Add additional pages to your storefront.
    • Code Editor - You can modify the template using HTML. Templates are built with Liquid, which is a simple and powerful language.

    NOTE: If you're looking to further customize your look & feel and need a developer to help you, checkout this post.

    • Code Snippets - You can add your own custom css code to change dashboard or player appearance. 




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