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    Settings area is where admin can customize general storefront settings, like adding a logo, favicon, customize domain, email templates and email notifications, integrations, payments, extra fields and much more.  



    • General - General Settings control different features for your storefront like: storefront name, logo, favicon, email address, setup domain and subdomain, enable/disable notification settings, Geo-Blocking. 
    • Integrations - Use integrations to further enhance the functionality of your platform. Connect to 3rd party apps like: Zapier, Google Analytics, MailchimpFacebook Pixel, Mixpanel, ChartMogul.
    • Payments - Set your currency, recharge days and renewal notices sent to customers prior to renewals.
    • User Fields - This feature allows you to create additional customer fields on sign up pages & checkout pages, so if you wish to collect additional information from your customers you can add these fields here.
    • Fields - Add custom fields to your programs, you can then link to them using liquid templates in Styles & Colors - Code Editor.
    Tip: If you're looking to further customize your look & feel and need a developer to help you, checkout this post.
    • Emails - Email templates are emails sent to your customers. You can fully customize and enable and disable these emails.
    • Webhooks - Webhooks is a powerful feature that allows you to send notifications to any app.




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