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    This article shows you how to quickly customize your storefront with the help of ready to go Themes. You can modify your theme's colors, styles, fonts and more via the theme editor.

    Important Update: Please note that navigation has recently been updated, and the sub menu located on the left menu under Customization has been moved to the top as "tabs".



    • Choose Customization and then Themes from the submenu. 
    • Select any of the popular themes and start building your storefront. All themes are mobile-friendly and work on all devices. 




    Note: Your active theme is on the top left, you can back up the active theme if you have already made modifications to the theme before installing a new theme. Whenever you change your mind you can restore it from backup.  Be sure before switching to any other themes that you click backup first. 
    Warning: By installing new theme without Backing up changes and modifications to current theme this will REMOVE all previous customization to the look & feel and can not be recovered for any further use. 

    Here is a list of ready to go themes:

    Revolt Theme Customization

    Modern Video Site Customization

    E-Learning Momentum Theme Customization

    The New NetFlix Theme Customization




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