Themes - Available Options, Backups, and Switching Themes

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You can quickly customize your storefront with the help of our ready to go Themes!  All themes are responsive and mobile friendly so you know they will look great regardless of how your customers access your site.

Themes Overview

To select a theme:

-Navigate to the Customization tab

-Hover over the theme you want and click Install



-The installed theme will appear at the top as the Current theme

-To view the theme in detail, view your storefront by selecting Storefront from the avatar dropdown in the top left corner of your admin site 



NOTE: You can switch themes at any time.  If you are currently using a legacy theme, read this article before migrating to our new themes. If you are switching from one of our available themes to another theme, read the next sections for important steps before switching.

 Available Themes

Our ready to go themes are already pre-loaded into the Customization tab.  To begin customizing your storefront, select the theme you would like to install, click on the three dots and select Install.


There are many great examples of our current themes including these examples below:


Consider The Dog

Conga Masterclass



24 Flix


Indie Film Hustle TV


Summer Triangle

Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy

Koboko Fitness


Body Harmonics

Think Differently Academy


Wanderlust TV

Recently added themes include Ara, Lyra, Orion, and Musca.

Backup Your Theme

Creating a theme backup is quick and easy.  We recommend backing up your theme prior to making any significant theme related changes and before switching from one theme to another.

To create a theme backup:

-Navigate to the Customizations tab

-Click on the Backups under the current theme 



-In the pop-up, click Create Backup



-The backup will appear in the list where you can choose to install, download, or delete it



NOTE: Theme backups include all theme related elements.  This excludes Navigation, Assets, and Pages which will remain in place regardless of the theme selected.


Switching Themes

Switching from one new theme to another new theme can be done at any time.  Switching themes will remove all previous theme related customizations.  For this reason, it is extremely important to create a backup of your active theme before switching.

To switch themes:

-Navigate to the Customizations tab

-Click on Backups under the current theme



-On the pop-up, click Create Backup and it will be added to the list



-Hover over the theme you want to try and click Install



-Read the pop-up and agree to install the new theme



-You may begin customizing the theme in the Theme Editor 

NOTE: If you are switching from a legacy theme (New Netflix, Modern Video, Revolt, or E-Learning) to a new theme, our developers need to assist you through that the migration process.  We recommend reading this article to learn more about the steps of migrating themes.

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