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    The first step in setting up your storefront is adding content, you do this by creating a program and adding content to each program.

    To Create a New Program please follow these steps below: 

    • Go to Programs menu on the toolbar.
    • Click on Add new program.



    • You'll notice creating your program is as simple as completing 4 easy steps: General, Upload, Structure and Publish




    Step 1 - General

    • Title - Enter a title for your program.
    • Description - Enter a brief description for your program.




    • Main poster - Upload a main poster for your program, recommended resolution is PNG or JPG file @ 720x480.
    Pro Tip: If you need additional help on how to create program poster please reference our other tutorial on Creating Thumbnails.






    • Categories - A category is a group of programs. Programs can be easier organized by categories.
    • Click on Next (blue button) to go to the 2nd step Upload




    Step 2 - Upload

    Upload files to your program using the different upload methods available below.  You can learn more about bulk video uploading here.

    1. Browse to upload your content from your computer: bulk upload video, audios, images, PDFs, text and more.
    2. To sync with Wistia please follow this article
    3. To sync with Vimeo please follow this article




    • Once you upload your content click Next (blue button) to move on to the 3rd step: Structure




    Step 3 - Structure

    • New Section - On Structure you can organize your program menu by adding 'Sections'




    • Drag & drop uploads to rearrange your program menu items.
    • Further Edit the videos and other files to customize: title, description, enable/disable file download, change video thumbnail, add subtitles and make it available for free or after purchase. For more details on Edit please check this article




    • Once finished click Next (blue button on the bottom right) to move forward to the 4th and last step Publish




    Step 4 - Publish

    • Pricing - In order to receive payments, you must connect your payment gateway account. Stripe or Uscreen Gateway, to learn about the differences click here.




    • Authors - You can choose or create new authors to assign to your programs. (This is optional).



    • Publication status - Uscreen allows the following publication statuses for you to choose from: 
    1. Unpublished - choose to leave the program unpublished so that only admin can have access to it.
    2. Published - choose to publish it once Finished.
    3. Scheduled - choose to schedule a release date for your program. Fill in an optional Subject and Text Message for your followers to inform them about the new program.




    •  Once done click Finish (blue button in the bottom right corner) 



    • Your program is now published, learn how to preview your program by clicking here.




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