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    The New Netflix theme is a great theme to choose as the programs enlarge as you mouse over as seen on This beautiful theme includes animations, categories, optional chapter menu's, sliding banners and sliding program images. This theme is responsive on all devices including mobile.

    Examples of customers using the New NetFlix Theme: 


    To get The New NetFlix Theme for your video site please follow the next steps: 

    • Choose Customization >Themes
    • Search for The New NetFlix Theme and click Install Theme.




    • Once you've installed The New NetFlix Theme you can choose to preview your store from the Account Menu > Storefront in the upper right corner. 




    • You'll see that The New NetFlix Theme has a large home slider area with customizable text, categories, catalog, social icons and an option for your customers to sign in to their account. 




    Customizing the New NetFlix Theme

    • To create image or video slides for your home slider go to Customization > Home Slider.
    • Click on New Slide (green button on the upper right). 




    • Setup the Title, Description, Appearance and Position in Slider.
    • Upload an image or a video slider and click on Create New Slide (green button on the bottom right).
    NOTE: You can upload multiple images for your home slider, for the video home slider just one video is allowed. It can be either an images home slider or just a video home slider but not both combined.  

    For Image - Recommended size is: 1140x520px. This image will show up on bigger screens such as desktops and will also default to this image if you do not have a video.

    For Video - Recommended size is: 1400x540px. We highly recommend you only use .mp4 video format with a max file size of 10MB. Videos will not play on mobile devices. Videos only play on bigger screens such as desktops, be sure to add an image as well so the image will show on mobile devices.



    • To adjust the Home Slider settings click on Slider Settings (blue button).




    • Setup Autoplay on page load, configure the Autoplay Speed, Image Opacity, and Show/Hide the Slider Button.  You can also enable the Fade effect between slides. 
    • Once done click on Save Changes (green button). 




    • To preview changes and add extra customization to your theme choose Customization > Styles.




    Here you can choose to customize: 

    Login & Checkout Colors

    These settings are valid for all themes available, for more details on how to set it up please click here




    Player Styles

     These player settings are valid for all themes available, for more details on how to set it up please click here








    • Welcome - customize the welcome message
    • Subscribe - customize the subscribe button text
    • Rent - customize the rent button text
    • Buy - customize the buy button text
    • Get For Free - customize the get for free button text




    • All Categories - customize the All Categories text




    • You Don't Have Any Programs Here - customize the You don't have any programs here text
    • Results - customize the Results text
    • Your Search For - customize the Your Search For text








    • Title Google Font - setup the Google font for your site titles
    • Text Google Font - setup the Google font for your site texts 


    blockquote: You can select from All Fonts or just the Popular Fonts list. 




    Why Us

    • Show Why Us - choose to display or hide the Why Us section all together





    • Main Color - customize the player play icon color, and hover text color




    • Why Us Background - customize the Why Us section background color
    • Why Us Title Color - customize the Why Us section titles color
    • Why Us Text Color - customize the Why Us section text color




    • Slider Title Color - customize the Slider Title text color
    • Slider Description Color - customize the Slider Description text color




    • Links Color - customize the links text color
    • Links Hover Color - customize the links text hover color
    • Text Color - customize the general text color
    • Offer Button Background Color - customize the Offer Button Background color
    • Offer Button Color - customize the Offer Button text color
    • Offer Button Border Color - customize the Offer Button Border color
    • Offer Button Background Hover Color - customize the Offer Button Background Hover color
    • Offer Button Hover Color - customize the Offer Button Hover text color
    • Offer Button Border Hover Color - customize the Offer Button Border Hover color





    • Facebook - link your Facebook account
    • Twitter - link your Twitter account
    • Gplus - link your Google Plus account
    • Instagram - link your Instagram account
    • Youtube - link your Youtube account
    • Linkedin - link your Linkedin account





    SEO helps optimize your site and will increase its relevancy and visibility in search engines with specific keywords.

    • Index Page Title - customize your Index SEO Page Title
    • Index Page Description - customize your Index SEO Page Description
    • Catalog Page Title - customize your Catalog SEO Page Title
    • Catalog Page Description -customize your Catalog SEO Page Description






    • For further modifications on this template and more in depth changes please click on </>Code which will redirect you to Customization > Code Editor with Liquid template files for your video site.
    Note: If you're looking to further customize the look & feel of your video site and need a developer to help you, checkout this post





    If you have any comments or questions that aren't answered in our Knowledge Base please feel free to email us at

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