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    Using the player settings you can modify the player behavior so your viewers experience the best while viewing your content.

    To begin customizing the player follow these steps:

    • Choose Customization > Styles from the left toolbar.
    • Here you can find the Player Styles which are available for all themes and can be customized as follows:




    Common Styles

    With Common Styles you can change your player colors and padding, customize the enroll button and its URL link.




    • Background - customize the player and menu section background color




    • Buttons - customize the player button color




    • Show/Hide padding - show/hide the top and bottom player padding




    • Enroll Button Title - customize the enroll button text
    • Enroll Button URL - customize your player enroll button URL link 




    • Chapter Background - customize the player menu chapter background color
    • Chapter Text - customize the player menu chapter text color



    Menu Styles

    With Menu Styles you can customize the menu background and text color, change the menu position to be on the left or right side, and show/hide the video duration. 




    • Menu Background - customize the menu background color




    • Menu Active Background - customize the current playing track/file background color




    • Menu Text - customize the menu text color




    • Menu Active Text - customize the menu text color in the current playing track or file




    • Element Style - show/hide icons for every specific format file or choose to show it as an ordered number list.

    1. Type Icon




    2. Order number




    • Menu Position - change the menu position on the left or right side of the player




    • Show duration - display the video tracks duration in menu




    Video Styles

    With the Video Styles you can change the color of the progress and volume bars and turn on/off autoplay.




    • Background - customize the player background color




    • Active Color - customize the video progress bar and the volume bar color




    • Autoplay on page load - enable the video autoplay on page load
    • Autoplay next video - enable the autoplay feature for the next playing video 
    • Force program preview - by default the platform displays the video preview if it exists. You can force the video player to display the main poster instead for any video or file selected.




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