Inviting a New Customer

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    You can invite an individual customer to your site at any time by manually entering their name and email address.

    NOTE: To invite multiple customers at one time - Inviting Customers - Uploading a CSV  

    To invite a new customer to your Uscreen site:

    -Navigate to the Customers tab

    -Click Invite Customers 



    -Fill in Name and Email address


    -You can edit the invite email or choose to send our default message. 

    -To send the default invite email, do not alter the text in the email subject or message.  The system will automatically fill in the {{store.title}}, {{}}, {{}}, and {{password}}

    -To customize the invite email, edit the text in the email subject and/or the message. Use {{user}} and {{password}} variables to insert new customer's credentials.

    -Click Invite to send the invite email



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