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    You can manually grant an access to a customer.

    If you assign an item with a fixed price bundle or a program, the customer will not be billed.  If you assign a subscription plan, the customer will be billed starting on the next due date of the subscription.  

    Note: If you need assistance on how to price your contents, click here.

    Follow these steps to assign access to a customer: 

    • Go to Customers menu on the toolbar.


    • Select a customer by clicking its name or the corresponding Show option from Customer menu. 


    • Select Access.


    There are 3 options under the Access menu: Subscriptions, Programs and Bundles. Depending on what you need, you can select any of these options when assigning access to customers.

    Let us first select subscriptions Subscriptions

    Note: If you want to learn how to create a subscription, click here.


    • Select the subscription the user want to have by clicking the corresponding Choose plan button.


    • After choosing a subscription plan, a pop-up window will appear to confirm if you want to activate the plan. Click OK.


    • The subscription plan entry will be updated and marked as Active


    Another type of access that you can assign to customers is Programs.

    Note: If you want to learn how to create a program, click here.
    • Go to Programs. Select the programs that you want the user to gain access to, from the drop-down list.


    • The interface will be updated with the chosen programs.


    Bundles is another access type that you can offer to customers.

    Note: If you want to learn how to create a bundle, click here.
    • Go to Bundles. Select the bundles that you want the user to have access to from the drop-down list.


    • The interface will be updated with the chosen bundles.


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