Search and Filter Customers

You can search for specific customers by name or email and filter customers by subscription status and creation date.

NOTE: The subscription status filter is intended to provide a list of customers that match the status selected in the moment the filter is applied.  This provides a real-time snapshot of customer statuses and is not intended to be used for historical data as the date filter is only for customer creation dates and not status change dates.


-Navigate to the Customers tab

-Locate the Search field and Filter dropdown



-Search with a customer's name or email address



-Filter by the customer's Creation date (today, yesterday, last month or custom)

-Filter based on the Subscription Status (Total, Active, In Trial, On Hold, Pending Cancellation, Cancelled, and Never Subscribed)



Total - All customers with subscription access including active, in trial, on hold and pending cancellation

Active - Customers with active subscriptions including those in trial

In Trial - Customers with subscription access because they are in trial but have not been invoiced yet

On Hold - Customers who have an unpaid subscription invoice and need to update their payment details

Pending Cancellation - Cancelled subscribers who still have access until the end of the paid period or trial period

Cancelled - Cancelled subscribers that no longer have subscription access

Never Subscribed - Customers who do not have a subscription, but may have made individual purchases


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