Search and Filter Customers

You can search for specific customers by name or email.  To look for larger segments of customers, you can use the subscription status filter to narrow down the list of customers based on their status.


To search and filter customers:

-Navigate to the People tab

-Locate the Search field and Segment dropdown



-Search with a customer's name or email address



-Segment based on the Subscription Status (Active, Former, In Trial, Cancelled, and Declined)



Active Subscribers - Customers with active subscriptions (this does not include those in trial)

Former Subscribers - Subscribers who have cancelled and no longer have access

In Trial - Customers with subscription access because they are in trial but have not been invoiced yet

Cancelled Subscribers - Cancelled subscribers who have access until the end of their paid period

Declined Subscribers - Subscribers who are on hold due to an unpaid invoice


NOTE: The subscription status filter is intended to provide a list of customers that match the status selected in the moment the filter is applied.

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