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    With coupons, you can create promotions and discounts for your customers to get access to offers at a reduced price. Coupons can be used as a fixed amount ($) or percentage discount (%). 

    The user can use coupon only once, but if you will create a coupon for subscriptions, you also can see that you can choose a duration.

    A coupon's duration applies on a per-customer or per-subscription basis, starting when the coupon is applied to the customer subscription. For example, a coupon with a four-month duration applies to the first four months of a customer's monthly subscription. If the subscription is yearly, the coupon is applied to the full invoice for the first year. And for weekly a subscription, a four-month coupon applies to every invoice in the first four months.

    If you choose once, this means only first month will be covered. If you choose forever, this means coupon will be applied as long as customer subscribed.

    To create a New Coupon please follow steps below: 

    • Choose Sales and Coupons submenu.
    • Click on New Coupon green button. 


    Under the Coupon Details tab fill in coupon details:

    •  - coupon code that the customer will input on the checkout form.
    • Discount Amount - Choose between Fixed price and Percentage
    • Applies to - You can apply the coupon to All, Subscriptions, Bundles and Programs


    Setting up Applies To:  

    • Coupon Type - this applies to Subscriptions, Bundle and Program
      • Once - This coupon will only to apply the first billing cycle.
      • Forever - This coupon will work for every billing cycle.
      • Multiple Periods - This coupon has a set duration. Enter the number of duration cycles. For example for my monthly subscription number 3 will reflect to 3 month with discount.


    Setup Redemption limits

    • Limit the date range when customers can this coupon - check this option to add an expiry date.
    • Limit the total number of time when this coupon can be redeemed - check this option to specify the number times a coupon can be redeemed


    Lastly, once the coupon is saved it appears at the coupon section

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