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    With coupons, you can create promotions and discounts for your customers to get access to offers at a reduced price. Coupons can be either a fixed amount ($) or percentage (%). 

    Customers can use a coupon only once, but if you will create a coupon for subscriptions, you can determine the duration that the coupon will apply.  For additional details on subscription coupons, read this article.

    To enable this feature:

    -Navigate to the Marketing tab

    -Click Settings on the Coupon feature



    To create a new coupon, click the blue Add Coupon button:



    On the new coupon page, fill in coupon details:

     - Customers will input this code a check-out.

    -Discount Amount - Choose between Fixed price and Percentage

    -Applies to - Coupons can apply to All, Subscriptions, Bundles and Programs

    -Redemption Limits - Limit effective date range and number of redemptions



    For coupons applicable to Subscriptions, select the duration:

    -Once - This coupon will only to apply the first billing cycle.

    -Forever - This coupon will work for every billing cycle as long as the customer is a subscriber.

    -Multiple Periods - This coupon has a set duration. Enter the number of duration cycles. For example for my monthly subscription number 3 will reflect to 3 month with discount.




    Once the coupon is saved, it will appear in the coupon section and can be edited or deleted by clicking the three dots.



    Note: If you need to create a large number of coupons (20+), please submit a request to with naming standards and our developers can assist with the creation process.

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