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    With coupons you can create promotions and discounts for your customers to get access to offers at a reduced price. Coupons can be used: once, repeating or forever and can be offered as a fixed price or percentage discount (%). 

    To create a New Coupon please follow steps below: 

    • Choose Sales and Coupons submenu.
    • Click on New Coupon green button. 


    • On General tab fill in Coupon Details
      • Code - coupon code that customer will input on checkout form.
      • Fixed Price Discount - coupon fixed price discount
      • Percentage Discount - or coupon percentage discount




    • Setup Coupons Settings:  
      • Coupon Type (Affect only subscriptions) 
        • Once - This coupon will only for first billing cycle.
        • Forever - This coupon will work for every billing cycle.
        • Repeating - This coupon has a set duration. Enter the number of duration cycles. For example for my monthly subscription number 3 will reflect to 3 month with discount.
      • Max Redemptions - Maximum # of times a coupon can be used.
      • Expires On - Coupon expiration date.
    • Once finished click on Create New Button green button. 



    • Coupon is now saved.  
    • Coupon created is listed in coupons list. 




    • If you go to your store you can see the coupon discount. 





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