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    You can track sales from other sites using the affiliate features.  This allows an affiliate to send you a sale to your subscription or specific program and then you can pay them royalties or commission for the sale.  Affiliates enables you to create unique links and track sales to this URL. 

    To setup a new Affiliate for your store please follow steps below: 

    • Choose Sales menu and Affiliates sub menu.
    • Click on New Affiliate green button.




    • Type in Email address and the Name of this Affiliate and click on Create New Affiliate green button. 




    • Affiliate is now saved. 
    • Newly invited Affiliate displays in Affiliates list. 




    • Copy the LINK and provide it to this invited Affiliate.




    • Anytime a customer signs up through this link the sale will be attributed to this particular Affiliate.
    • You can now pay a commission or royalty to this customer.




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