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    To further enhance the look & feel add a banner to your website.

    Warning:  Please do not overload slider with videos, this can be bad for your SEO and side speed, recommended 2-3 videos.
    Important Update: Please note that navigation has recently been updated, and the sub menu located on the left menu under Customization has been moved to the top as "tabs".

    To set up your home slider please follow steps below: 

    • Choose Customization > Home Slider
    • Click on New Slide (green button). 




    • Setup the TitleDescriptionAppearance and Position in Slider.
    • Upload an image or video and click on Create New Slide (green button from bottom right).

      For Image - Recommended size: 1140x520px. This image will show up on bigger screens such as desktops and the slider will also default to this image if you do not have a video.

      For Video - Recommended size: 1400x540px. We highly recommend you only use .mp4 video format with max file size of 10MB. The Video will not play on mobile, videos only play on bigger screens such as desktops. Be sure to add an image as well so the image will show on mobile devices as well.



    • To adjust the Home Slider settings click on Slider Settings (blue button).


    • Screenshot_4.png


    • Setup Autoplay on page load. Autoplay SpeedImage Opacity, and the Show/Hide Slider Button along with the ability to enable/disable the Fade effect between slides. 
    • Once done click on Save Changes green button. 


    • Screenshot_5.png




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