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    Adding assets allows you to add additional images and assets to custom pages. Upload images or other asset types and link to them in Customization > Styles & Colors.

    To upload an Asset please follow the steps below: 

    •  Choose Customization and Assets sub menu.
    •  Click Upload Asset (green button from upper right).



    • Choose files and hit the Upload button.




    • Upload Complete.




    • Copy the URL of the file.



    • Choose Customization > Pages and click on one of your custom pages to edit. 

    NOTE: If you need assistance in creating a New Page please check this article



    • Switch to the HTML editor.




    • Input the following code: <img src="Paste your URL here">




    • You can switch out of the code editor to preview and save changes. 





    Note: If you're looking to further customize the look & feel of your video site and need a developer to help you, checkout this post.



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