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    Uscreen allows you to add additional pages to your site. These can be sales pages, about pages, contact pages, etc.  You can customize these landing pages with the help of the HTML code editor. 

    To create landing pages please follow steps below: 

    •  Choose Customization > Pages.
    •  Click New Page (green button on the upper right).




    • On the General tab fill in the page Title
    • Note the HTML code editor below Page Content. This will help you customize it as needed.




    • In the Appearance section set the page Position, or toggle the Show on Site option.
    • Once finished click on Create New Page (green button on the bottom right). 




    • On the Advanced tab you can quickly setup SEO for this new page like: Page TitlePage Description, Page URL so that it will increase your visibility on search engines. 
    • Once setup click on Save Changes (green button). 




    Note: If you're looking to further customize your look & feel and need a developer to help you, checkout this post.




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