Add Additional HTML Pages

You can add additional pages to your site at any time.  Additional pages often include sign-up, contact us, about us, terms & conditions, privacy policy, FAQs, and more. These can be customized with the help of the HTML code editor. 

To create additional pages:

-Navigate to the Customization tab

-Select Pages  from the options across the top

-Click New page 


-On the General tab fill in title and page content

-Use the HTML code editor in page content to customize the look and feel

New_Page_Details_Title_and_Content.png-Set the page Position and select Show on Site to make the page public

-Make sure that the template selected is page

-Click on Create New Page


-On the Advanced tab, you can quickly set-up SEO by filling in title, description, and URL

-Click Save Changes 


 NOTE: All additional page URLs will look like - https://YOURSITE/pages/PAGETITLE


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