How to use a Custom Domain Name with Uscreen


If you own a domain, you can use a subdomain like,, or even to direct viewers to your Uscreen site.


Learn more about linking to another website and having Uscreen be your video site here.


Create a CNAME record


Setting up a custom domain requires editing some settings with your domain registrar service. Below we provide GoDaddy as an example.  The process of setting up a custom domain is similar across the different providers.


To set up a Custom Domain name for your site please follow the next steps:

-Navigate to the Settings tab and select General Settings



-Scroll down to Domain Settings where you can enter your custom domain.



NOTE: You can also create subdomains like: or In our example we will use www because that requires a couple of additional steps.


-Open your GoDaddy account to Domains list. Select the desired domain from the list you would like to edit and click on DNS.




-Under Records click on Add





-For record Type choose CNAME from the drop-down menu.





-For Host use the subdomain field from Uscreen www that we had previously set up




-For the Points to field input this address you can take it from Uscreen Custom Domain Name. 



-Set up TTL duration and then click on Save. 


NOTE:  TTL is optional and stands for time to live. Choose the lowest setting if this field is available.





-On your Uscreen Settings page, enter your Custom Domain Name and click on Save Changes.





Forward your root domain to your subdomain


Forwarding allows your customers to get to your website without inputting the www (the subdomain) for eg they could access it just by loading


-Under Forwarding - Domain click ADD.






Make sure that Forward to has the same address as in your Uscreen Settings.




Keep the default settings for Forward Type: Permanent(301) and Settings: Forward only and then click on Save.  




Forwarding changes can take up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect.



Next Steps


You can verify that your CNAME record is correctly pointing to Uscreen's servers by using this site:


Enter in your exact subdomain (ie. and make sure that the results return


Once you see the results are returning, contact Uscreen's support team to have an SSL Certificate installed on your custom domain. If you do not contact Uscreen's support team for this next step you will have security warnings appear on your site and the checkout process will not work.


Commonly Asked Questions 

1. Why am I getting a security warning on my site?

 You do not have an SSL Certificate installed on your domain yet. Please
contact Uscreen's support with your Uscreen site name and custom domain
to have your SSL Certificate installed.


2. I've created a CNAME record for my custom domain, but I don't see the dns checker website pointing to

There could be a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, make sure you are not using Cloudflare's proxy servers
for your domain. Cloudflare is not compatible with Uscreen's platform.
You can read more about this, here.

Secondly, you may have domain record conflicts. Please ensure that you
do not have multiple records created for the same host (or subdomain).

If neither of the above is the issue, please contact your domain registrar
for assistance in resolving the matter.

 3. I can't set up a 301 redirect within my domain registrar. What else can I do to forward my root domain to my subdomain?

If you absolutely cannot set up the 301 redirect, we recommend you set up
a meta refresh to create a client-side redirect.

You can learn more about this, here.

4. My site won't load and says "too many redirects".

You have a loop of redirects happening. Please verify your forwarding and the IP address (or 'Points to') for all of your relevant domain records. Your root domain and subdomain(s) should not point to each other. The domain that you are using with Uscreen should be pointing to Uscreen's servers, or

5. Can I use an A record instead of a CNAME record?

We strongly recommend you use a CNAME record. However, in the rare instance this cannot happen, you can edit your A record to point to Once you have changed this, use the dns checker website above to check the status of your record change. Once you see that it is successful, please contact Uscreen support to have your SSL Certificate installed.



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