General Site Settings

General Settings you can customize several features of your account including store name, favicon, email address, custom domain, email notification settings, and geoblocking.

To access General Settings for your site:

-Navigate to the Settings tab and click on General Settings



On the general settings page, you can make the following customizations:

-Upload your Favicon - 24x24px in .png or .ico format


-Fill in your Store Name

-Enter your Email - all notification emails from Uscreen to customers will list this email. Please note: we recommend using any email address here that is created based on your custom domain, should you add one to your Uscreen site. If you do not do this, and use an @yahoo, @gmail, etc.. email address, your emails will be more likely to get filtered out by SPAM filters, whereas with a custom email address whose domain is already pointed to our servers, you are less likely to have your emails get caught in SPAM filters. Otherwise, leave this field blank for to send emails on your behalf. 

-Select your Currency

-Fill in your Company Address

-Add a Terms of Service URL to display terms of service at checkout. If this field is empty, terms or service will not appear on the checkout page.

-Select the language for your storefront.  Note: The admin site will only be displayed in English

-Enter your custom domain (optional) - for more details read this article

-Turn on/off Maintenance Mode - this will make your storefront unavailable



-Set up your Notification Settings - Note: All admins will receive notification emails.

Successful Sale - Receive an email when a sale is made

Cancelled Subscription - Receive an email when a customer cancels a subscription

New Subscriber - Receive an email when you get a new subscriber


-Set up Geo-Blocking - blocked countries will not be able to access your storefront
-Once you have finished customizing your general settings, click Save


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