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    General Settings allows you control different features for your storefront such as: store name, logo, favicon, email address, setup your custom domain, enable/disable notification settings, and Geo-Blocking. 

    To access General Settings for your site please follow the next steps: 

    • Choose Settings and General submenu from the left toolbar.




    Step 1: Title, Description & Email

    • Fill in your Store Name
    • Upload your Store Logo - This logo will appear on your storefront. For best results, use images no bigger than 800x200px.
    • Upload your Store Favicon - This favicon will appear on the top of your browser window. Use a size of 24x24px and .png or .ico format




    • Setup your Email Address - This is the primary email address that your emails will be sent from to your customers.
    • Fill in your Company Address - This is your company address. It will be displayed on the PDF invoices.
    • Terms of Service URL - Link to your company Terms of Service page that you can setup in Customization > Pages or link to an external page.
    • Allow Sign Up - You can hide the registration page from your site & then customers can only sign up via a paid offer.
    • Watch Later - Enable watch-later to allow customers to be able to save programs to be viewed at a later time.
    • Platform localization - Select the language for your storefront. This will set the language you choose for the Sign Up, Sign In, and Checkout pages along with the customer Dashboard.




    Step 2: Your Custom Domain Name Setup

    • Your Subdomain - Input your custom subdomain here. If you plan to use your own domain, still keep this filled in at all times.
    • Custom Domain Name - You can set your own custom domain name here. You will need to point a "CNAME" record from your domain registrar to
    Note: If you need assistance in setting up a custom domain checkout this article.
    • Maintenance Mode - Set your store to maintenance mode in order to hide it from the public.
    Note: If you need assistance in setting up maintenance mode checkout this article.




    Step 3: Notification Settings

    • Successful Sale - While enabled you'll receive an email to your admin email when a sale is made. 
    • Cancelled Subscription - While enabled you'll receive an email when a customer cancels a subscription. 
    • New Subscriber - While enabled you'll receive an email when you get a new subscriber. 




    Step 4: Geo-Blocking

    • Blocked Countries - Geo-blocking allows you to fully block all Internet traffic to your website from a specific country or multiple countries.




    • Once you are finished customizing your store General Settings click on Save Changes (green button from bottom right). 






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