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    Before you begin selling your content, you need to connect to a payment provider which will allow you to receive funds in various currencies from all around the world. You can then accept credit cards & Paypal. 

    We offer 3 options:

    Direct Stripe Payment Integration, Uscreen Payment Gateway Integration & Paypal payments.


    STRIPE is recommended if you are located in a country which Stripe supports and allows you to set up an account with Stripe, you can see the list here, its highly recommended that you use Stripe if your country is supported, if you do not see your country, no problem, we offer an alternative payment system that will allow you to receive funds globally, read more below on Uscreen gateway.

    To connect Stripe, follow this tutorial.


    USCREEN PAYMENT GATEWAY - If you do not qualify for Stripe, Uscreen Payment gateway is a great option.  We fully handle all payments and pay you out via Paypal monthly.

    To connect Uscreen Payment Gateway, follow this tutorial.

    PAYPAL -
    You may now accept Paypal from your customers.

    The setup is super easy, follow this tutorial to learn how to connect Paypal.



    Stripe Payments - You get paid instantly from Stripe directly to your bank account.

    Uscreen Payment Gateway - Payouts are sent to you via Paypal, 30 days after you charge your customers, on the 1st of each month. To view your payouts go to Sales > Payouts tab.

    Paypal - Payments are sent out every 30 days, To view your payouts go to Sales > Payouts tab.


    NOTE:  On the the Payouts Report page, the Amount on Hold is displayed for the current month.  Additional funds from the previous month will not be displayed, but are still in the process of being paid out.







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