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    Before you begin selling your content, you need to connect to a payment gateway.

    We offer 2 options:

    Direct Stripe Payment Integration or Uscreen Payment Gateway Integration

    Stripe is recommended if you are located in a country which Stripe supports and allows you to setup an account with Stripe, you can see the list here, if you do not see your country listed on this page from Stripe, then Uscreen Payment Gateway can be used.

    • Uscreen Gateway - Let Uscreen handle your payments for you via Stripe.  Uscreen collects a 5% fee and $0.30 per transaction and payouts happen every 30 days.  Payouts are on the 1st of each month. Pros: Instant setup and we do all the work on the payment side and we handle charge backs there is also no application process, you simply input your Paypal ID and click connect. 
    • Stripe - Stripe is recommended for anyone who qualifies for it, payments are instant and rates are usually 3% with .30 cents per transaction.  Click here for pricing and more info.  To get setup on stripe, simply go to and the application process is very easy.

    Uscreen Payment Gateway - We pay you out via Paypal on the 1st of each month, Paypal email is required.

    Stripe Payments - You get paid instantly from Stripe directly to your bank account.





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