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    Custom Program Fields is useful if you want to add in text fields to your program such as duration, etc.

    To add a new custom field to your program please follow the steps bellow: 

    • Choose Settings > Fields from the left toolbar.
    • Click on New Field green button. 




    • Fill in program field Title
    • Set the Field Type: Select Field or Boolean or String
    • Mark this field as Required or not. 
    • Once finished click on Create New Field (green button). 




    • Click on your newly created Program Field and note the number in the URL.




    • Go to the Customization menu and Code Editor sub menu.
    • Open program.liquid.




    •  Go to the line under program.description and input the following:
      Duration: {{ program.custom_fields.custom_field_349 }}




    • Replace '349' with the digit number you noted earlier.
    • Once finished click on Save Changes (green button from bottom right). 




    • Your New Program Field is now ready to use. Go to Content > Programs.
    • Click on Advanced settings on a program. 




    • You can input your custom program field text here.




    • Preview Program.



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