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    Custom Program Fields is useful if you want to add in text fields to your program such as duration, etc. To add a new custom field to your program please follow the steps below:

    1. Go to the backend of your site > Settings > and click on the Program field tab> New Field


     2. Give it a name, choose the type of field required and click on Create New Field

    • Boolean - this can be used for binary variables, eg true or false
    • String - this can be used for a character field to display data/information
    • Required - keep this option checked if the field is required

    In our case, we'll name the this field "Duration" and choose the String option. 


     3. Copy the Field ID. To do this, click on the newly created filed and copy the ID in the URL field as seen below.



    4. Go to Customization > Click on the Code Editor tab > open the programs.liquid file.


    5. Copy the block of code below and paste it below offer <div> as seen in the image below and save the changes.


    Duration:{{ program.custom_fields.custom_field_1267.humanized }}

     Notice that the numbers at the end of {{program.custom_fields.custom_field_1267.value}} is the Field ID which was copied in step 3. Go ahead and replace the number with your Custom field ID


     6. Your New Program Field is now ready to use. Go to Programs > locate the program you wish to apply the custom field > click on the three dots menu option and select Advanced


     7. On the advanced page, you can input your custom program field text as seen below and save the changes.


    Preview Program on the storefront.



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