Facebook Pixel Integration

Getting Started & Setup

Facebook Pixel allows you to track purchases via a marketing pixel.

To install Facebook Pixel to your Uscreen account please follow steps below:

  • Navigate to the Settings tab and select Integrations
  • Find Facebook Pixel integration and then open your Facebook account.
  • In Facebook click on customer navigation and select Create Ads.



  • Click on the Facebook menu from the top left and select Pixels.




  • Click on Create a Pixel green button.




  • Name your Pixel and then click on Create blue button.




  • You've created your Pixel. 




  • Click on Manually Install the Code Yourself.




  • Copy this code - you can use a text editor to paste all code into it and then just take the Pixel number.




  • Paste the code into Uscreen Facebook Pixel and click on Save Changes.
  • To test it add Facebook Pixel Helper plugin to your Chrome browser.




  • Go to your store and test the Facebook Pixel Helper.



  • Return to Facebook menu and select Pixels.



  • Click on Details to get Analytics and Reports from your Facebook Pixel.




Technical Specifications for Uscreen's Facebook Pixel Integration

There are 6 events you can use for tracking in Facebook Pixel. The event names and definitions are below.

These 6 events will be fired automatically from Uscreen if you have the integration set up - you do not need to do anything further.

  1. PageView - viewing of a page
  2. ViewContent - viewing of a program
  3. Purchase - successful purchase
  4. AddPaymentInfo - adding information about a credit card or PayPal account
  5. Lead - end-user signup and moving to the third step of the checkout form
  6. InitiateCheckout - moving to the second step of checkout form


Example payload of what will be pushed to Facebook Pixel:

fbq("track", "Purchase", { content_name: "Monthly Subscription", value: 12.0, currency: "USD" })

*value is the amount before any discount

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