Mailchimp Integration

To automatically sync your Uscreen customer's names and emails to Mailchimp, you can set up the Mailchimp integration in Uscreen.  Connecting to Mailchimp will allow you to send customized email marketing messages to your Uscreen customers. Before you begin, please ensure the List you wish to use with Uscreen does not have any required fields, other than email, including any first or last name fields.

To connect to Mailchimp:

-Navigate to your Mailchimp Profile




-Under Extras, click API Keys


-Copy your Mailchimp API Key



-Log in to the Uscreen admin site

-Navigate to the Settings tab and select Integrations

-Under the Mailchimp integration, click Connect



 -Paste the Mailchimp API Key in the field and click Next



-Your existing lists in Mailchimp will automatically populate under the List ID

-Select the desired list and click Connect



-You will receive a success message confirming your integration is set up!



-Now you will be able to sync customer's names and emails to Mailchimp!



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