On the Bundles tab, you can combine programs together to create a bundle. By creating a bundle, you provide customers the option to gain access to multiple programs, typically at a discounted rate and in a single transaction.

Bundles come in three different types:

-Fixed Price Bundle - One price to gain permanent access to the bundle.

-Rental Bundle - Limited access to bundle for 24, 48, or 72 hours of rental time.

-Freebie Bundle - It a free bundle which offers access without cost or payment.



To add a new bundle:

-Click New Bundle

-Select the type of bundle (fixed price, rental, or freebie)

-Fill in details for the bundle including title, description, image, and price.  Once the details are completed, you can assign programs to be included in the bundle.



To manage existing bundles, click the three dots for these additional options:

-Edit - Make modifications to an existing bundle.

-Private Link - Will only appear if the bundle is available by private/direct link

-Delete - Permanently remove this bundle.



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