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    Bundles allow you to combine programs together. You can provide customers the option of gaining accesses to multiple programs, typically at a discounted fee and in a single transaction. Bundles come in three different types:

    • Fixed Price Bundle - It includes price to gain permanent access to the bundle.
    • Rental Bundle - It offers limited access to the bundle. You choose from 24, 48 and 72 hours of rental time.
    • Freebie Bundle - It a free bundle which offers access without cost or payment.


    The Bundles tab is where the Admin creates a new bundle or modifies an existing bundle. 

    Inside the Bundles area you will find:

    • Add New Bundle - Create a new bundle in just 2 easy steps:
      • General - Fill in the Title, Description, upload your subscription thumbnail/poster and set duration, price and purchase terms for your subscription.
      • Assign Programs - Select the programs you want to include in the bundle.

    From the Bundles Main page, you can also click the 3 dots to do the following:

    • Edit - Make changes to an existing subscription.
    • Preview - Preview a bundle to see how a customer will see your bundle order page.
    • Delete - Permanently remove your bundle.



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