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    Upload your files to your programs.  Files can be videos, images, audio, documents and other assets or attachments.

    There are a few options to upload your files:

      • Bulk Video Uploader (Upload everything at once)
      • Upload files inside programs (Upload files just for 1 program)
      • Sync with Wistia (Optional Wistia Sync)
      • Sync with Vimeo (Optional Vimeo Sync)


    Bulk Video Uploader

    If you wish to upload all your files at once, then assign them to specific programs later, you can use the bulk video uploader located under the Programs tab here:



    You can now upload your file, once the file is uploaded and transcoded and a green checkbox appears, you are now ready to assign these videos to programs. 

    Upload files to a specific program

    You can also upload files while creating programs, there is no difference between uploading files inside programs or via bulk video uploader.  Uploading within programs directly ads videos to the "structure" tab within this program.  While bulk video uploader, simply uploads videos to the platform as a whole to be used in any program at any time.

    • Navigate to Programs and then to your program. 
    • Click the 3 dots and click Edit


    • Go to Upload.
    • Click the upload link.


    • A popup window will appear. Select the file(s) that you want to upload and click Open


    • The interface will be updated with a list of the uploaded file(s). Once the file(s) are uploaded, click Next to move on to the rest of the steps for creating a program




    Sync with Wistia

    If you already have videos with Wistia, and you want to upload them to your program, you simply sync your Wistia account with our platform.

    Note: To learn how to sync with Wistia, click here.




    Sync with Vimeo

    Simply sync your Vimeo account with our platform to upload your Vimeo videos to your program.

    Note: To learn how to sync with Vimeo, click here.





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