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    By creating a subscription you are offering your complete program catalog for sale on a recurring basis.  You can offer a subscription on a monthly term, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.  

    Here is how to create a subscription:

    From the main left menu click Subscriptions.



    Create a New Plan

    Click the Add New Subscription Plan button.


    Now you can see a form with all related fields for your subscription plan:

    • Title - A name of your plan, a common name often chosen is the name of the term: "Monthly".
    • Available for purchase - If marked as active, then your customers can purchase this plan on the storefront and its live.
    • Description - Here you can describe your subscription offering with any marketing content. Note: You can't use HTML here.
    • Thumbnail - This is the main image of your plan, it is visible on your checkout page and its recommended to make it much more appealing and visual.
    • Price & Duration - Here we set our plan price and choose duration. You can choose from the following terms - Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually & Annually.
    • Trial days - Here you can set up a free period for your customers to try out your plan. Note: Trial always requires payment information to be submitted for a customer.
    • Overdue days - After this number of days customer subscription will be canceled if the invoice is not paid. Tip: For a monthly subscription, best practice is to offer at least 7 days before overdue, this case you make sure that customer has time to update the declined payment.
    • Available only by direct link (Private) - You can keep plan active, but hide it from a storefront. This is useful when you want to provide a special deal to a specific group of customers.
    • Success Redirect - An advance setting for marketers, which use tracking pixels and outside up-sell pages. Allow redirecting a customer upon successful purchase to a specific page. Note: if you do not set this page, customer is returned to the home page after purchase.
    • Failed redirect - An advance setting for marketers, which use tracking pixels and outside upsell pages. Allow redirecting a customer upon failed purchase to needed page. Note: if this link is not provided, default will show a failed message on order page.

    After you are done click blue Finish button on the right bottom corner of the form. Congrats! 🎉 Now your customers can purchase the whole catalog of programs on recurring subscription basis.






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