Creating a New Bundle

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    Want to do a special promo or you have an idea for program pack? Bundles are a great way to offer your content for promotional sales. With bundles, you can easily combine multiple programs into one bundle.

    Pro Tip: Do not overwhelm your customer with a lot of bundles options.  A good practice to follow: one program should not have more than three options to choose from including subscription, program price, and/or bundle.

    To create a new bundle:

    -Navigate to Bundles tab

    -Click New bundle


    -Three options will appear: Fixed price, Rental, and Freebie


    All bundles share these common fields:


    -Available to Purchase (must be selected to be available on storefront or by direct link)

    -Description (Note: You cannot use HTML here)


    -Available Only by Direct Link (removed from storefront, only available by private link)



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