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    Want to do a special promo for Christmas? Or you have an idea for program pack? Bundles is a great way to offer your content for sale for this promotion. With bundles, you can easily combine multiple programs together in one product. 💪

    Pro Tip: Do not overwhelm your customer with a lot of bundles options. Rule of thumb - one program should not have more than three option to choose from (Subscription, Program price, or bundle.  Our recommendation is not more than 2) or just 1 subscription offer is the best performing offer we have seen on our network).

    Add a New Bundle

    Navigate to Bundles tab in the main menu and click New Bundle.


    Now you will see three options to choose from Fixed Price, Rental, Freebie. Let's talk through the difference between these options.


    1. Fixed price bundle - Choose this if you want to provide permanent access to a bundle of programs for your customers. For example, Wanderlust provides 21-day Yoga Challenge as a fixed price bundle with 21 programs in it for a one time sale price.
    2. Rental bundle - Best option if you want to provide limited access to a bundle of programs.
    3. Freebie bundle - Best option if you want to give away some programs for free, this is a nice way to capture leads such as emails only then up-sell customers later to a paid offer.

    With every bundle type, you will get common fields in the creation form, such as:

    • Title - A name for your bundle.
    • Available for purchase - If marked as active, then its live and your customers can purchase this bundle.
    • Description - Here you can describe benefits for your customer or any other marketing information about the bundle. Note: You can't use HTML here.
    • Thumbnail - This is the main image of your bundle, its recommended to make your bundle look much more beautiful on the checkout pages.
    • Price & Duration - Here you can set your bundle price in case of Fixed price and Rental bundle. Rental will also have duration field with options:2448 or 72 hours. For a Freebie bundle, you will not see any price options.
    • Available only by direct link (Private) - This option is good if you want to send this bundle to a specific private group of users.
    • Automatically assign this bundle to a user after sign up - Related only to Freebie bundle, will automatically add access to this bundle for every new user who will sign up on your storefront.
    • Success Redirect - An advance setting for marketers, whom use tracking pixels and outside upsell pages. Allow redirecting a customer upon successful purchase to needed page. By default if you do not add a link here, the user is routed to the home page after purchase.
    • Failed redirect - An advance setting for marketers, whom use tracking pixels and outside upsell pages. Allow redirecting a customer upon failed purchase to needed page.  By default if you do not add a link here, the user gets a payment failed message on this page.

    Assign Programs to a Bundle

    After you successfully create your bundle on the General step, you will be redirected to the Assign Programs step. Here you can:

    1. You can find and add your program.  Note - You can also search the program name in the search bar.
    2. You can look at all assigned program. To remove a program from the bundle just hover the program image and click remove.



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