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    Using a Freebie bundle, you can provide free access to a bundle of programs. Freebie bundles allow you to capture leads such as emails to then up-sell customers later to a paid offer.

    To create a freebie bundle:

    -Navigate to the Bundles tab

    -Click New Bundle and select Freebie Bundle


    On the Freebie Bundle details page, complete the bundle details including:


    -Available for Purchase (must be selected to be available on storefront or by direct link)



    -Automatically Assign This Bundle To A User After Sign Up

    -Available Only By Direct Link (removed from storefront, only available by private link)


    -Click Create to move on to the Assign Programs page


    -Programs can be chosen from the list of options in the Find Program field

    -Click Finish to save changes and create the bundle



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