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    We give you the option to add livestream to your storefront and a user can gain access to the live stream once they have made payment.

    Let's go ahead and get started.  Keep in mind this tutorial requires a tiny snippet of code to be implemented if you need help with this email us at

    Go to Customization -> Code Snippets

    And add this code to Player CSS as shown below -


    Now go and grab your Live Streaming Embed Code.

    For this example, I will use Youtube Live embed here as an example.

    Note: You can use any provide here, Youtube Live, Facebook Live, for live streaming or any other provider that gives you the embed code for the live streaming player.

    You then need to go to Programs and create a program or use a pre-existing program for this live stream, you can navigate to the "structure" tab (3rd tab) to do this.

    On the structure tab in programs, you can upload a small video of any kind to create your first video in the structure tab and call it live stream for example.



    Note: You should only have 1 video under structure in this program or else the live stream embed will not work.

    Now you can click Edit to my video in Program menu and embed my youtube video HTML code in the description, one thing I need to add is two DIV elements around my embed code.


    All done!! Now when a user gains access to this program, they will see the live streaming seamlessly embedded into this program.



    Have questions and need help, reach out to us at



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