Admin Area Questions


Should I give my Developer Admin access?

This depends on your relationship with your Developer. As with all Developer related tasks these individuals almost always need these privileges in order to perform the work you ask of them. We recommend always keeping an up to date backup of your content, and the template files located in Customization > Code Editor on your computer. This way if things get accidentally deleted, or changed in a way that you did not intend you can restore the most crucial parts of your Uscreen store. 

It's not letting me log in to my store what should I do?

  Please make sure you are logging in at the following link:

If you are unsure of your password use the 'Forgot Password' link to begin the reset procedure. If you still have trouble logging in always feel free to reach out to

How can I suspend/deactivate someone's account?

If for any reason you need to suspend or deactivate a users account simply go into the user's settings in Customers > choose the user > Summary and change their email address and password. You can set their email to a non-existent email address such as Be sure to 'Save' the changes you made.

My customer cannot login what can I do to help?

Verify the user is using the correct email address by checking their account details in Customer > choose the user > Summary. Inform the user of the email and ask them to attempt the 'Forgot Password' procedure by clicking the 'Forgot Password' link on the login page for your store.

How can I update my credit card information?

You can update your card on file with UScreen by visiting the following link: Update Credit Card

How can I cancel my account?

We're always sad to see our customers leave. Before canceling your account please reach out to us and share your reasons for cancellation to see if there is anything our Support Department, Billing Department, or Management Team can do to help.  We often times offer discounts of up to 25%, email us at for assistance.

If you still decide you need to cancel please submit this form to complete cancellation: Cancellation Form


It takes a long time to upload a video is something wrong?

This depends on size, system processing time, and most importantly your connection speed. For example a .MP4 video in 1080p with a size of 2.6GB will typically take ~30-60 minutes to complete.

When I try to upload a video it doesn't work

Please be sure to login to your backend using this link and also please make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome. While many of our customers use other browsers without any issues we do sometimes see oddities when using less prominent web browsers that are not up to date. 

When I create a program it doesn't show on my homepage

Check to see if the Program is published. Depending on the theme you are using your Homepage may display Programs based on the category it is part of. Make sure your program is assigned to a Category in Contents > Categories.

When I create a program it doesn't show on the catalog page

Please check to see that the Program is 'Published'

How can I add an audio file?

To add an audio file you can use the 'Document' option, or simply convert the audio file to a .MP4 and use it just as you would a video but instead of a video streaming it will only stream sound.

How can I add other documents/assets etc?

You can add these items to Customization > Assets.  See here for more info.


When I add up my sales in Uscreen it doesn't match my numbers in Stripe

If you have an App using in-app purchasing then that sales data will not be present in Stripe. You will need to check your App account to get that data. Then you will be able to better understand the discrepancy shown in your Stripe account.

Why should I do if I suspect payment fraud?

The best option here is to suspend/deactivate the user account in question. Please see 'Login & Account' above for how to do this. You may also consider refunding the invoice for the account in question in order to ensure the cardholder does not get charged for something they did not approve.

How can I make it so my users don't have to enter a credit card?

There are only a few circumstances in which a credit card is not required.

1) Gift/Freebie pricing
2) Fixed Price with 100% discount coupon applied
3) Subscription with 100% discount when using 'Forever' type coupon.

I didn't receive my Payout on the 1st. Whats wrong?

If you do not receive your Payout on the 1st. Please allow up to 72 hours for the payout to hit your account. Sometimes Paypal may initiate a hold on a transaction.  If you didn't receive your payout email

When I try to checkout I get a 'Payment Failed' message

Typically issues like this usually end up being one of the below problems.

Card declined could be:
A customer entered wrong information
Card distributor (Visa/Mastercard/Amex) has blocked the card
Bank has blocked the card
Insufficient funds

Within those boxes can be other issues [Bank has blocked the card]:
Card not supported for online use
Card not supported by payment processor of country X

At UScreen we do not process the payments we pass the information along to our payment processing partner (Stripe). We do this for thousands of users every day. Whenever there is a problem with the passing of information on our end we usually know about it right away because it affects everyone. To help resolve this we need as much information as possible so we can fully investigate.

I'm trying to checkout with a coupon code but it's not working

Please check to make sure the coupon is not expired, has available redemptions, and is assigned to be used for the specific purchase you are trying to make.


The language I want isn't available in Settings > General > Platform Locale

We are happy to add the desired language to the platform for you. When we add a new language it enables you to change the language on the following pages:  User Dashboard, Sign In, Sign Up, and Checkout pages. It does not perform a site-wide translation.  It takes 3-4 weeks to complete and we need you to provide us the translations.  These translations for these pages have to be requested and we only support them on Plus & Pioneer packages, you can request this by emailing

For translations on your page that are not part of those pages I listed that will be data that you can change when creating content or modifying the templates in Customization > Code Editor, and the settings in Customization > Styles.

Below are 2 translations documents. One is the master translations file that you will enter in your translations for your desired language. The other is an example document showing Spanish translations to show you how you can add your translations in the first document. Please send us the master translation file once you've filled it in then we will get this process started. 



Where do I configure my SEO settings?

The SEO settings are available in these places:

Customization > Styles > SEO
Contents > Programs > choose program > Advanced tab

  • SEO Title (will include the title in the meta tags in the source code for the page, sometimes a title of a program you choose might not be the best title for keyword searches done by search engines so this option lets you set a title that you feel would be most likely to get the page ranked for relevant searches within search engines)SEO Description (same as above, allows you a location to get more specific in the description. Your customers will not see this data like the regular program description. So you can put more keywords and explanation here for search engines to find it better)
  • SEO Description - This is your SEO description usually used for just the SERP in search engines to show a snippet of your search.
  • Tags (this is for specific keywords that may or may not be included in the title or description, this section gives you the opportunity to put in many 1 word keywords (or more) that are relevant to the program content this will also be included in the metadata of the page source.
    Search engines will use all of this information combined to better rank your page according to the relevance of the user's search term.

My custom domain isn't working

Please check our guide on setting up your custom domain here: Custom Domain Setup

Some functions I perform in my Admin panel won't work what should I do?

Please ensure your browser is up to date and that you are using a mainstream browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

What is the notification bell for?

The notification bell allows you to follow the platform updates and announcements from our Team.

How can I see which video my customers like the most?

You can check this data by viewing the 'Activity log' inside a user account, using the Google Analytics integration, and check your Video Analytics in the Uscreen admin panel.

How can I backup everything?

The way to back up everything is to download all the assets/videos/and files. The files in Customization > Code Editor is the most important because that controls the layout, theme, styling, etc. The contents of those files would need to be copy-pasted into backup files you create on your computer or elsewhere. The videos you should already have copies of since you uploaded them, to begin with. The assets are the same you should have copies of those. However, if you don't have copies of the videos and assets then you would need to download them using video capturing software, and opening the raw links to the assets then saving them from your browser.

Unfortunately, at this time there is not a good way to backup everything in one file and make the process easy. This is in part due to the nature of making the platform secure to prevent users from stealing and redistributing content. We are working hard to improve this.

How can I get FTP Access?

Uscreen does not operate like a standard web host. Instead, Uscreen is a platform. The files added and modification needs to be done from within the Admin Panel the platform provides. FTP access does not exist in Uscreen.

Is my information safe & PCI Compliant?

Yes, your information is 100% safe. We maintain strict policies and procedures for all our customer data. Our payment processing partners are 100% PCI compliant and rated some of the best in the world.

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