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    Seems like you already uploaded your files. Nice job! 👍 

    Now let's structure & organize your files and put them in a way where customers can easily view your content.

    • In programs go to step 3 the Structure tab. Note - If you have not yet uploaded content, go to Uploads and upload the videos that will be in this program only.
    • Here you can see a list of all previously uploaded videos and files, you can now organize them here, add sub-titles, program images and more.


    • Let's create a new section Click New Section. Note: A section allows you to create a divider between chapters.


    • Input section name and click Create. In our case, we will name it 'Bonus'.


    • Now let's use drag and drop to structure our content. It's super easy! 🎉


    • Now let's rename our files to actual chapter names. Hover any video or attachment and you will see Edit button, now click it.


    • For a video, you have a bunch of options.
      • Use as trailer - This option allows a viewer to see a trailer before access, once they gain access, trailer is only available via a button on the program page.
      • Title - By default, it will be your filename you can re-name it to a name of a chapter, such as Chapter 1, Lesson 1, etc
      • Allow downloading - you can allow customers to download the video to their local machine via this option.
      • Thumbnail - This is generated randomly from your video already, if you wish to upload a new one you can do that here.
      • Subtitles - You can upload as many languages as you want. You need to use VTT files. If your video is not showing subtitles, please make sure VTT file is valid, you can do it here. Related only to videos.
      • Availability - You can give away this file for free to everyone, or require paid access to them. With paid option customer can get access to your video or asset only after he is granted access to program, bundle or subscription. 


    • Now let me organize my videos and attachments and rename them to a nicer format. Now it looks solid ⚡️




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