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    You can choose or create authors to assign to your programs. Authors can be teams, producers, cast members, coaches or trainees.

    Adding Authors

    You can add authors through the Publish page of your program.

    • Navigate to Programs and click Edit.


    • Then go to Publish.
    • Under Authors, select author(s) from the drop-down list or create a new author.
    • To create a new author, type in the author's name in the filed and click Add New.
    • Click Finish




    Editing Authors

    You can provide more details about the authors on advance page.

    • In your program, navigate to Publish and then go to Authors.
    • Click the click here link. 


    • Inside the Authors Main page, locate the author that needs to be edited and click the corresponding 3 dots.
    • Click Edit


    • You can change author name, add author biography, add an image for the avatar.
    • Click Save

    You can also sort the order of the list in the Authors page by dragging the rows. 




    Deleting Authors

    You can also delete authors at any time by following these steps:

    • In your program, navigate to Publish and then go to Authors
    • Click the click here link.


    • Locate the author that needs to be deleted and click the corresponding 3 dots. 
    • Click Delete.





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