Zapier Integration

Zapier is a powerful tool that connects Uscreen's API to over 500 apps available via the Zapier marketplace found here. You can leverage Zapier to connect to over 500+ apps.

Zapier will allow you to send events such as the ones below to any app supported by Zapier: 

Integrating the New Customer trigger

1. Navigate to the Settings tab and select Integrations within Uscreen

2. Login to Zapier and create a New Zap

3. Select the New Customer trigger and click "Save + Continue"

4. Click connect to allow the Zapeir API to connect to your Uscreen site. Once the API window is triggered, copy and the Uscreen API key and paste it in the API field.

5. Click Continue in the "Connect Uscreen + Zapier" window to allow Zapier to trigger the Uscreen "New Account Zap"

6. Next, create a "Customer Action" by creating or enrolling a new customer. In our case, we'll enroll a new customer 

7. Fill out the form > assign a subscription to the new customer > click "continue" > and click "send test to Uscreen". If you get an error due to the data you've entered, you can skip this test using the "skip" button and then click finish. 

8. Enable the New Customer Zap as seen below

9. With Zapier fully enabled, every new sign up on your site will appear in your Zapier task history


Note: Need help integrating Zapier with Uscreen?  Contact us at, we are happy to help you.

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