Editing a Category

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    Editing a category allows you to both sort the category and programs within a specific category.

    You can only edit a category, once you have created at least 1 category or more, a tab will then appear in the programs page.

    To edit a category navigate to your programs page.



    If you have already added 1 or more categories you will then see the category tab on the program page.



    To edit this category click the edit categories tab and then click the 3 dots on the specific category you want to edit.



    Edit category allows you to edit the category description, thumbnail & title. You can also click Featured Block to show this category on the featured block of your theme.




    You can also sort the programs within a category by clicking Sort Programs from the edit category page, drag and drop to sort programs within a category.  Note: Newly assigned programs will always appear at the top of the list of the category.





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