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    You can sort & control the positioning of Categories & Programs.  You have the ability to sort:

        • Programs within a category
        • Programs within catalog
        • Program chapters within a particular program



    Programs within a Category

    You have the option to sort programs within a particular category, to do so navigate to the Programs tab, and (only if you already have an existing category, you will see the "edit categories" tab, click this tab, and you will be presented with your categories, you can then click the 3 dots on that specific category, you can then click the "sort programs", you are then presented with the programs assigned to this category, drag & drop them to sort them.  Your request will automatically be saved on this page.




    Programs within catalog

    You can modify the position of a program within your catalog located on your storefront by visiting the Programs page, then click the Advanced tab, you will then see the "Position in Catalog" field to edit.  Click save once your finished.



    Program chapters within a particular program

    The structure tab allows you to organize the contents of a specific program if you choose to have multiple chapters, or a course track, episodes etc.   You can do so by navigating to the Programs tab, then click edit on a particular program, then navigate to the 3rd step called "Structure" tab.  You can learn more about the structure tab here.






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