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    If you wish to upload all your files to the platform at once, and then assign them to programs and re-use the same existing files multiple times in various programs, you can do so by using the Bulk Video Uploader located under the Programs tab.

    To get to the bulk video uploader go to programs then click Bulk Video Uploader, as shown below:



    You can then select and upload your files all at once, they will then automatically be transcoded and a green checkbox will appear next to the file once its ready for delivery.

    Note: During the transcoding process, you can step away from this page without compromising the transcoding process.


    Note: Notice the "Not Assigned Videos" tab, once you have uploaded files and return back to this page, it will show videos under this tab if you have uploaded files but not assigned them to programs.  This reminds you that these files are not assigned by any programs.


    Pro Tip: We do not provide FTP access, but we can help you with bulk uploading, email us at support@uscreen.tv for assistance.



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