Create a Private Bundle

Bundles allow you to group together published videos and collections already on your storefront and offer the bundled content at a discounted rate.  You may wish to create a private bundle so you can offer the bundle to specific customers without publishing it as an option for purchase by all customers. Private bundles contain videos and collections published on your storefront, but private bundles do not appear on the storefront as an option for purchase unless the customer has the direct link.

To create a private bundle:

-Navigate to the Bundles tab

-Create a New Bundle or Edit an existing bundle


-Select Available for Purchase AND Available Only By Direct Link (Private)

-Both options should be selected (indicated by the green square) and click Save changes


-Once changes are saved, click on the three dots to see the Private Link option


-Select the Private Link option and a new tab will open.  Use the URL in this new tab to share access to this private bundle.



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