Add Related Videos - Old Catalog

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    NOTE: The following option is only available on our old catalog pages. 

    Go to Settings > Program Fields > New Field

    • Fill in program field Title
    • Set the Field TypeSelect Boolean. 
    • Mark this field as Required
    • Once finished click on Create New Field (green button).

    Click on the newly created program filed and copy the Category ID in the browser URL field


    Go to the Customization menu and Code Editor submenu and open program.liquid.

    Change the program.custom_fields.custom_field ID with the Category ID you copied in step 2 above and paste the code into the program.liquid file as seen below.


    {% if program.custom_fields.custom_field_1231 %}
      {% for category in catalog.categories %}
        {% if category.slug == 'related-videos'%}
          <section class="one-category">
            <div class="section-wrapper">
              <h2 class="one-category__header">{{category.title}}</h2>
              <div class="category-row">
                {% for program in category.programs limit: 25 %}
                  {% include "program_card" %}
                {% endfor %}
        {% endif %}
      {% endfor %}
    {% endif %}

    Your New Program Field is now ready to use. Go to Content > Programs. Click on Advanced settings on a program and check the “Show related video” options and save the changes.

    Now when you view your program page you will see the related videos at the bottom.


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