Bulk Offer Assignment and User Import

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    If you are looking to migrate your customers from your previous site and assign them an offer, this article will help you do exactly that. By the end of the article, you will be able to do the following:

    • Import Stripe subscriptions from a previous site to Uscreen 
    • Import customers from a previous site to Uscreen
    • Assign an offer to a large number of existing Uscreen customers   

    Import Stripe subscriptions from a previous site to Uscreen

    1. Export a list of all the subscribers of the subscription you wish to migrate to Uscreen. This can be done from your Stipe dashboard. The exported CSV file should include the following columns:

    • Name - the name of the customer 
    • Subscription ID - the subscription ID generated by Stripe, eg. sub_D3dE7gtyyyO50g
    • Customer ID - the customer's ID that is used by Stripe, eg cus_D4OMc5myyyVIQ5
    • Customer Description - this comprises of the customer's name and email address, eg John Doe (john.doe@examplemail.com)
    • Customer email address - the email address used by the customer
    • Current Period End - the date on which the subscription expires

    2. Go to the backend of your Uscreen Site  > click on Subscriptions > Edit the subscription which you want to use as the offer and copy the subscription ID. The subscription ID can be obtained from the URL in the edit window as seen the image below:


    The same process can be done for offers that involve Programs and Bundles

    3. Create another column in the CSV file obtained in step 1 above and add the subscription/offer ID obtained in step 2. The resulting file should look like this example.

    4. Finally, send us an email and attach the CSV file - we'll complete the process within three business days.

    Import customers from a previous site to Uscreen:

    To import customers from your previous site, simply fill out the sample CSV file and send us an email with the file attached. We'll import all the customers to your site and send them a welcome email containing their login access. This will be done within five business days.

     Assign an offer to a large number of existing Uscreen customers:

    1. Export the list of customers you want to assign the subscription/offer from Uscreen. You can do this by going to Customers at the backend of your site. At the customer section, filter and export the list of customers as seen the image below


    2. The exported CSV file contains three columns, Name, Email and Created Date. Remove the Created Date column and replace it with an offer ID column. In this case, the resulting CSV file should contain, Name, Email and Offer ID columns. 

    3. Send the resulting file to us via email - we'll assign the offer to the customers within three business days. 


    Note: Email all files to support@uscreen.tv, we are happy to help you.


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