How to Create a Recursive Coupon

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    Coupons let you offer discounts or free access to your site. In this article, you will learn how to create a recursive coupon which can be used over a period of time. 
    You can use recursive coupons to offer discounts for subscriptions over a set period. For example, if you want to provide a coupon that provides a 10% discount for three months, follow the steps below

    1. Go to Sales > Coupons > New Coupon 
    2. Fill out the Coupon Code > set the percentage > select the subscription option.

    3. Under the Duration option choose Multiple Periods and 3 to the "Number of Periods"

    4. Under Redemption limits, set the expiry date for the coupon and the number of redemptions

    5. Lastly, save the coupon. When a customer uses this coupon on a subscription they will be able to get 10% discount for three months.

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