Subscription Coupons

Subscription coupons can apply once, forever, or for multiple periods (recursive).  For the duration options to appear, you must select Subscriptions in the Applies to section. 

NOTE: After a coupon has been saved, the Applies to section cannot be changed.  It is important to select the correct coupon type during the set-up process.




The default duration for subscription coupons is Once. This means that the coupon will only apply to the first period (i.e. month, year, etc.).  After the first period, the coupon will not be applied and the customer will be charged the regular subscription price.




Coupons set to Forever will discount the subscription as long as the subscription is active.  Once it has been applied the first time, it will manually apply for every future month.  Forever coupons are especially useful of if you want to permanently reduce the price of a subscription or if you want to create a 100% discount that will allow partners and staff to have free access to a subscription for the foreseeable future. 



Multiple Periods

Recursive coupons allow you to determine how many periods the coupon will apply.  Recursive coupons are useful for special promotions where you want to discount the first few periods and then return to the normal subscription price.

Example: First three months of a subscription offered at a 50% discount.  To do this, set duration to Multiple Periods and the number of periods to 3.




A coupon's duration applies on a per-customer or per-subscription basis, starting when the coupon is applied to the customer subscription. For example, a coupon with a four-month duration applies to the first four months of a customer's monthly subscription. If the subscription is yearly, the coupon is applied to the full invoice for the first year. And for weekly a subscription, a four-month coupon applies to every invoice in the first four months.


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