Creating Free Video Access

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    Uscreen provides a platform to sell videos, however, you can provide free access to certain videos on your site. By following the steps below, you will be able to grant free access to some videos on your site. 

    1. Go to Programs > Add new program and fill out the program details.


    2. Click Upload to choose the video you want to grant free access. You can also click the Previously Uploaded button to button to attached previous uploaded videos and click Next 


    3. Under the Structure Tab, click Edit as seen in the image below


    4. On the Edit page, keep the Free for everyone option checked and save the changes.


    5. Because this program will be available for free, keep the "Include in my subscription plans" unchecked, keep the price field blank and publish it. 


    6. The video appears on the storefront with no "GET ACCESS" button.


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