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    ((Please note, we recommend adding our native commenting feature, as it gives you read & write rules.  You may enable this feature here.))

    Boost your community interactions by adding Disqus comments. Follow the steps below to add Disqus comments to your site.

    1. Login to your Disqus account and go to Add a Site Page > scroll down the page and click on "Get Started"


    2. Click on I want to install Disqus on my site


    3. Fill out the form and click the Create Site button


    4. If you do not already have a subscription plan, you will be required to choose one. Go ahead and choose the free version if you don’t want a plan. 

    5. Scroll down and choose the “Universal Code” option, copy the block of code, click configure and fill the form on the next page.



    6. Go to the Settings > Code Editor > Programs.liquid file and paste the block of code as seen below. 


    7. Remove the code in the comment quote /* */ and replace it with the block of code below as seen below and save the changes

    var disqus_config = function () { = '{{store.url}}/progams/{{program.slug}}'; // Replace PAGE_URL with your page's canonical URL variable = {{}}; // Replace PAGE_IDENTIFIER with your page's unique identifier variable };


    8. Once the changes have been saved, Disqus should appear below your programs as seen below.


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