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    Our Livestream feature allows you to broadcast live video content using a camera.  You can setup your live stream behind the paywall or as a free give away inside of your programs.  The live stream is automatically recorded into VOD once the live stream has ended.  The below tutorial will teach you how.
    You will need a computer with a Livestream Application and a Webcam/Camera installed.

    Recommended Livestream Apps:
    1. Open Broadcaster Software
    2. FFSplit 
    3. Various applications on both iPhone & Android also allow direct live stream broadcast which you can also find on the app stores.

    In this guide, we'll use Open Broadcaster which is available on both Mac and Windows devices. Download and install Open Broadcaster Software on your computer and follow the steps below.

    How to Setup Livestream

    1. Go to Programs > New Program > Create a new Program and click Next.
    2. Upload at least one video by clicking the Upload link or choose from the previously uploaded videos.

    3. Click on Live Streaming, add a name > click Create and then click NextLiveStream_Name.png

    4. Copy the Livestream URL and the Stream key and click Next. You can click Edit to set the Livestream to either free or Paid.  On the Publish tab, set a price or leave the price fields blank to offer the Livestream for free.LiveStream_URL.png

    5. Launch the Open Broadcaster App on your computer > click on Settings > Stream > and paste the Livestream URL and Stream Key you copied in step 3 above and click OK LiveStream_URL.png

    How To Start Streaming

    Once you have published the program and configured the Open Broadcaster App, you are now set to go live. Follow the two steps below to stream live.
    1. Go to Programs on your Uscreen site and edit the Program you created above. Click on Start Broadcasting and click Next to publish the program again.

    2. Launch the Open Broadcaster App on your computer and click on Start Streaming to start recording with your device. When you go "live" you will see the green icon green_start_stream.png indicating that you are "live" on that Uscreen Program. Preview the Uscreen Program to see the live video. 

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