Abandoned Cart

Abandoned Cart allows you to send an email to potential customers who abandoned the checkout process during sign up.

This feature encourages potential customers to complete their order by offering them a discount.


To enable Abandoned Cart:

-Navigate to the Marketing tab

-Click Settings on the Abandoned Cart feature


-Click Activate Abandoned Cart

-Customize send time, discount, email subject and body

NOTE: You can edit the body of the email, but the variables - {{user.name}} and {{deal.percent_off}} need remain as is so that the offer will populate correctly.  The link to finalizing registration also needs to remain so that customers can access the offer at checkout.

-Click Save Changes to fully enable this feature



 -This feature can be disabled by clicking on Settings on the Abandoned Cart feature and clicking on Activate Abandoned Cart to deselect this option.  Click Save Changes to fully disable this feature.


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