Try Again For Free

Try Again for Free allows you to send an email to all previous users who are no longer active, paying subscribers.  This feature promotes previous customers to resubscribe and will provide them will an additional free trial.  The offer only works for the subscription they had in the past and only if the subscription currently has a free trial.  They will receive free access for the duration of the free trial set-up for the subscription and if they do not cancel during that time, they will be charged for the subscription when the trial concludes.


NOTE: The offer button will be automatically generated in the email when it is sent to the customer.  To receive the free trial, they must sign up again by using the link in the email.


To enable Try Again for Free:

-Navigate to the Marketing tab

-Click Settings on the Try Again for Free feature



-Click Activate Try Again for Free

-Customize send time frame, email subject, and email body

-Click Save Changes to fully enable this feature



 -This feature can be disabled by clicking on Settings on the Try Again for Free feature and clicking on Activate Try Again for Free to deselect this option.  Click Save Changes to fully disable this feature.

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