Google Tag Manager Integration

Getting Started & Setup

Uscreen customers can use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to manage JavaScript and HTML tags to be used for tracking and analytics.

We recommend starting the GTM set-up process by reading the GTM Quick Start Guide and the GTM Developer Guide for additional information.

For Uscreen customers, we have also found the Robot FAQs and Google Analytics Ecommerce

To set up your Google Tag Manager integration:

-Navigate to the Settings tab and select Integrations


-Click Connect on the Google Tag Manager feature



Technical Specifications for Uscreen's Google Tag Manager Integration

The Data Layer is on the checkout pages. 

There are 6 events you can use for triggers in GTM. The event names and definitions are below.

  1. PageView - viewing of a page
  2. ViewContent - viewing of a program
  3. Purchase - successful purchase
  4. AddPaymentInfo - adding information about a credit card or PayPal account
  5. Lead - end-user signup and moving to the third step of the checkout form
  6. InitiateCheckout - moving to the second step of checkout form


Example payload of what will be pushed to Google Tag Manager:

'event': "Purchase",
'content_name': "Monthly Subscription",
'value': 12.0,
'currency': "USD"

 *value is the amount before any discount

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