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    Before making your Uscreen website live, it is important to make sure everything is set-up correctly.  This checklist is designed to help you double check important aspects of your site before going live so that customers are able to use your site fully and successfully from the start.


    • Create programs and upload video content
    • Publish programs to make them visible on the storefront
    • Set up pricing - fixed price, rental, subscriptions, and bundles



    Set Up Important Pages and Test (Do images load? Is SEO set up?):

    • Terms of Service
    • Privacy Policy
    • FAQs
    • Support / Contact Us


    Set Up your Theme and Customize Pages in the Theme Editor:

    • Home page
    • Catalog page
    • Program pages


    Set Up Navigation and Test:

    • My Account/Dashboard
    • Sign In
    • Sign Out
    • Catalog


     Final Error Checks:

    • Test all links
    • Check for spelling/grammatical errors and spacing issues


    Website Backend


    • Connect to your Stripe account OR request Uscreen Payment Gateway
    • Set-up SSL for Custom Domains - contact Uscreen Support to request install


    Set-up Marketing Features (optional):

    • Coupons
    • Reduce Churn
    • Abandoned Cart
    • Try Again for Free


    Check General Settings:

    • Favicon
    • Company Information/Address
    • Domain Settings
    • Notifications
    • Geoblocking


    Complete Test Transactions:

    • Purchase
    • Refund

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