Subscription & Coupon IDs

The CSV of data required for migrating customers to Uscreen may need to include subscription ID and/or Coupon ID depending on the access and discounts customers need once they are imported into Uscreen.  These instructions will show you how to locate the IDs needed to prepare your customer data CSV.

Subscription ID

-Navigate to the Subscriptions tab

-Click on the three dots and select edit



-On the detailed subscription view, the Subscription ID is the number listed in the URL



Coupon ID

-Navigate to the Marketing tab and click on Settings for coupons

-Click on the three dots and select edit



-On the detailed coupon view, the Coupon ID is the number listed in the URL



Note: If you have a large number of IDs that need to be retrieved, please contact us at and we can assist in retrieving IDs - please allow several days for this process.

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