Assign Programs to a Bundle

Assigning programs to a bundle is an important part of setting up and/or updating bundles.  You can assign programs to a bundle when the program is created or later by editing an existing program.

To assign programs to a bundle during creation:

-Complete the general bundle set-up and click Create to be redirected to the Assign Programs page


-Assigning programs can be accomplished by:

  1. Searching for a program name in the search bar and selecting the desired program
  2. Clicking Assign All and then removing specific programs by hovering over the program images and clicking to remove


To assign programs to an existing bundle:

-On the Bundles tab, locate the bundle you wish to add programs to

-Click on the three dots and select Edit

-Click on Assign Programs at the top of the bundle details page

-Follow the directions above to assign specific programs




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