Create a Private Subscription Plan

Private subscriptions provide access to the same content as your other subscriptions but allow you to provide a subscription at a special rate which is not visible on your storefront.  This allows you to offer a special subscription rate for specific customers. 

It also allows you to discontinue an old subscription rate while still keeping the subscription active for existing subscribers.  If a subscription is made private, it will continue to provide access for customers already subscribed, but new customers will not be able to see it on your storefront.

To create a private subscription:

-Navigate to the Subscriptions tab

-Add a Plan or Edit an existing subscription plan



-Select Available for Purchase AND Available Only By Direct Link (Private)

-Both options should be selected (indicated by the green square) and click Save changes




-Once changes are saved, the subscription plan will be listed as Private

-Click on the Share icon



-On the share link pop-up, copy the private link



-Share the private link with customers and they will be taken directly to the checkout page




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